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    Wuxi electric power filter Co., Ltd. is the former power filter Research Institute of the former Wuxi power capacitor plant. In 1980, the filter capacitor was developed and developed in cooperation with the design and Research Institute of the Ministry of metallurgy to develop and develop an electric power filter. Up to now, more than 200 sets of high voltage power filter devices have been produced. The operation of the equipment ...

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Introduction and application of DC su...

The name of the capacitor has many kinds, because its structure is different or the name of different materials is different. So, what kind of capacitor is a DC support capacitor? What are the main application areas?
The DC support capacitor is actually a passive device. Using polypropylene film dielectric DC capacitors support, it has high voltage, high current, low impedance, low inductance, small capacity loss, small leakage current, good temperature performance, fast charging and discharging speed, long service life (about 100 thousand hours), good safety, explosion-proof stability, convenient installation, no pole.
The main application range of the DC support capacitor is the power electronics industry. New energy industry: photovoltaic inverter, wind power converter and so on. Energy saving industry: high voltage inverter and so on. Power industry: large high-frequency switching power supply, uninterrupted power ups, emergency power EPS, intermediate frequency power supply, DC regulated power supply, electroplating power supply, power supply and so on. Power quality industry: dynamic synchronous reactive compensator SVG, active power filter and other APF. Automobiles industry: pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, etc. Electric locomotive industry: locomotive traction converter, subway, high speed railway, light rail, tram and so on.
The DC support capacitor is used to smooth the output voltage of the rectifier in the inverter circuit. It can absorb high amplitude ripples from inverters to "DC connections" to prevent DC - loaded capacitors from "DC connection" impedance.
A number of well-known brands of DC support DC support capacitors, including Electronicon, Epcos and Eaco. And domestic brands including the victory of electricity, Fala electronics, copper new electrical appliances, etc.
This paper introduces the definition and application scope of DC supporting capacitor. For this kind of capacitor information, we can go to Wuxi power filter Co., Ltd. for a deeper understanding.

Release time:2018-01-08

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